For That Girl was founded by Amber Roohi, a writer from London who wanted to create a space on the internet where women of colour, no matter what shade of brown their melanin is in, could find articles and stories to be inspired by, identify with and aspire to.

The idea came about many years before this website was created, at a time when Amber was seeking advice and enlightenment online but couldn't find any sites of that nature, where she truly felt the content was for her. She subsequently began writing blogs for her personal website and after realising that so many women could relate to the more honest posts, she knew a dedicated place for those girls was needed. For That Girl is the place and 'that girl'... Well, she's YOU.  

You won't find a ton of listicles or pop culture news items here, this is where you'll come for a read you can really sink into. Something you'll save for the daily commute or for a lazy Sunday afternoon over a cup of tea. Basically, For That Girl is like a conversation had over dinner with your closest friends and we want to be that new girl at the table that everyone instantly falls in love with. Our main goal is to enhance your daily grind by giving you that extra boost of motivation and a voice that you can relate to so we hope our writings resonate with you!